Introduction to safety

All-terrain snow training

"Ideal for discovering the safe environment of off-piste skiing and ski touring and its specific equipment".

DVA, shovel, probe, Air-bag, BERA and nivology! Discover what's behind all these terms, which are the basic safety elements for ski touring and off-piste skiing.
More and more people are taking up these activities, but they are not without risk and require some training.

The aim of this mini-course is to give you access to the first stage of what every skier who wants to try these activities should know.

It's sure to leave a lasting impression:
  • Handling the avalanche transceiver
  • The need to react very quickly
  • Developing your knowledge of weather reading
  • Practice in field situations
  • Feel more comfortable with your safety equipment

Introduction to safety
Groups of 4 to 10 people
Depending on availability: evenings or days
From 5.15pm to 6.45pm
Force 1/5
Level 1/5
No level required
Bring ski clothing, gloves, hat and ski boots.
Safety equipment included
Discover our detailed programme to learn the basics of safety.
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