Frequently ask question

In which language are the group ski lessons taught?

Ski lessons are taught in both English and French by our bilingual instructors

My kid has never skied before, in which group should I register him?
If your child has never skied before, you should register him in Piou Piou level no matter the age. However, they will change group if they progress quickly

Where can I find the level Flocon?
The level Flocon can be found in the Piou – Piou section of our website

What happens if the students progress quickly during the week?
If the students progress quickly during the week, the teachers will automatically change them to another group so that they can keep learning new skills

How can I book private lessons?
Private lessons can be book either by phone, email or directly in one of our offices

What is the maximum number of students per group?
We accept a maximum of 12 people per group (10 if they are adults)

How can I book group lessons if I am staying in one of the ESF Argentière partner hotels/residences?
If you are staying with one of our partners, please send us an email or give us a call

Do I need to wear ski helmet and poles?
It is highly recommended to wear a helmet no matter the level of sking. Poles are required from 2 star level

I cannot book the lessons online; the dates selected appear as invalid?
Please make sure that when you choose to book 6 days you select your first day as a Sunday If you wish to book 5 days, please select your first day as a Monday If you wish to book 5 days starting on a Sunday, you will have to choose the 6 days option

Which lift pass should I buy?
Kids up to Flocon Level and adult beginners do not need a pass, and if they do by the end of the week it will be a reduced one that can be bought directly on the spot 1 Star kids and Adults level 1 do need a reduced pass that can be bought on the spot€ The rest of the levels will need the Chamonix Le Pass

What happens with the lessons if the weather conditions are bad?
All lessons are scheduled if the resort is open. If the resort is closed due to weather conditions we try to go organize to go skiing in another resort. In case of total closure we do offer a refund of 25€ per cancelled group lesson. Private lessons can be either refunded or rescheduled

Where should I go the first day of my lessons?
If you have booked your lessons on the website you can go directly to the meeting point with your booking confirmation either on paper or on your phone

What is included in the Teddy Lunch Formula?
The Teddy Lunch Formula includes a 3 course meal in a partner restaurant and free playtime for the kids

What is the minimum age to start skiing?
The minimum age to join ski lessons with the ESF Argentière is 3 years old

I have already a gold medal, where can I go next?
If you have already the gold medal you can either join the evasion group, which follows the same structure and timetable, or choose to start the competition training joining the Pre Club ESF. Prices and timetables are on the teenager´s section of our website

We want our kids to go together in the same group ?
No problem, as long as your children have the same ski level you can ask the teachers to put them together in the same group on the first day of ski lessons

Can my kid get a medal doing private lessons?
Yes, your children can get their medals doing private lessons. You will just need to let the instructor know that they want to pass their tests and if he/she considers that they have achieved the level you will be able to purchase the medal at the end of the lesson

I just want to do 3 days of group lessons, what can I do?
Unfortunately it is not possible to book 3 days in advanced. However, if you wish to do 3 days of group lessons you can come and book the ski lessons in one of our offices the day before the lessons start. Please note that the 3 days must be consecutive and that the starting date can only be a Sunday or a Monday

Where do the ESF Ski lessons take place?

When you book the ski lessons with us, you can choose to do them in les Grands Montets (Argentière ) or Le Tour skiing areas. We do have a private skiing area for beginners in both areas and we also ski in Les Chosalets and la Vormaine areas for the levels 1st star and some days of the 2nd star

Photos Credits : ©ESF Argentière / Agence Zoom